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my domain disappeared in my account

please i just signed in to my account now and noticed my Domain name i registered 3 months old just disappeared. what could be the problem? please help

Former Employee

Hi @kemrich - that sure sounds strange, most domains are registered for a year as a minimum. You didn't specify the domain so I could check it on but domains generally don't disappear. They may expire, be cancelled, transferred or moved to other accounts...there's usually some good reason why you wouldn't see it.


One last thought, check your original registration receipt email (if you still have it) and be sure you're checking the correct account, otherwise I'd contact


Hope this helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi everyone, My domain name that has been registered on Godaddy and is valid has totally disappeared. I spent hours on the phone with a member of the Indian Godaddy support team yesterday! First of all, they talk as if it is my fault that the domain name can no longer be seen/accessed on my account! Secondly, they offer me some very obscure ways of recovering my lost domain, saying that if all failed I should pay over 4000 Rupees for some service to help me recover the domain!

This is outrageous! In ten years that I work as a web designer, I have never some across such situation with a host! Even if I wanted to make my domain disappear from my Godaddy account, I couldn't do that on their interface, so how I become responsible for my Domain's disappearance, and even having to pay Godaddy to recover it from some hole in their system!

This is shocking!

The domain name is: It is working and active.

Best Regards,





Hello Susan! I'm sorry to hear you had some difficulty with our support team. I'm not quite sure of the situation or what service they suggested. However, if your domain isn't showing within your account but is still pointing to your site content, it's likely you registered it in a different account. The best way to recover this account is to follow the steps in this guide. That will take you through finding your customer number and resetting the password.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hello Sir,
My name is Jude Anajama, a godaddy member with customer number 125289662. Please I am the owner of the domain name
I just got a buyer on afternic and in intend pushing the domain to afternic godaddy account. But on logging in to my godaddy account, I could not locate the domain name on my domain list. Please help me review this issue am currently facing.

Jude Anajama.

i have the same problem.

can somebody help?

Former Employee

Greetings, @sheraz , @vaneaglesjunior , @anajama ,


These are 3 different inquiries and because they are account specific, we can't investigate them in a general forum such as this. However, I can tell you things don't just disappear around here - there is usually a good reason. The most common one is not being in the correct account. However, I strongly suggest you contact 24/7 support on our website. They can usually track it down .                                                          

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hello Thomas, I need your help, I also lost my domain. If you can help me to sort this out, as soon as possible I need it. Do you have direct e-mail so I can send you my concern? Thank you.

Greetings @cerwin1987  ,


All the support in my department is done via internal claims (except when I have time to sit in here) but  24/7 Support is the best place to start regarding your account.  Another place to look for current data (email address of record, registration date, expiration date, etc....) is:


Using that tool, I notice one of the "disappearing" domains posted recently in these threads is actually long expired. A public search indicates it was registered in April 2008 and expired in April 2018.


A final note if I might, for folks that don't feel they aren't getting notices, have 24/7 Support check your email address of record and notification settings. 


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Former Employee

Greetings all,


I will again suggest you contact 24/7 Support as we cannot address specific account issues here.

However, I highly recommend some or all of the following steps (which some of you have started):


Check the WHOIS and the registration date to see if it matches your records (or whether it may have expired and been re-registered).


Check to see if you or your company are listed as the registrant. If this is under privacy or otherwise screened, there is an option to contact the registrant at the bottom of our WHOIS.


Contact 24/7 Support, or use our password reset functions. If you are the account holder there is an option to send an email with the correct account number to the rightful account holder. You'd be surprised at how many people find out they have multiple accounts. Be sure you're looking in the right one.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at


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