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All email going directly to "Bulk Mail" in my GoDaddy

Hi! For some reason my Godaddy account is pulling all my incoming mail into the "Bulk Mail" folder - no matter from what domain and none of it is bulk or spam. I have whitelisted senders, I have turned off Spam filters and I have no Custom Filters enabled. Because of this glitch I don't receive anything sent to my GoDaddy account into my Apple Mail or my iPhone. Both accounts are correctly set up on the Mac and iPhone, because once I realize there is stuff in the Bulk Mail folder and move it to the Inbox it shows up in both Apple Mail and the iPhone. Can someone help me? This is a work account and I can't afford to miss emails. Thank you! 


Hi @lydiagregory,


Sorry to hear you're having issues.  This one sounds really odd - since if you've whitelisted domains, they should typically show in your inbox.

In this case, you may want to reach out directly to support to see if they might be able to scan one or more of the emails you're receiving to see if perhaps they are tripping spam filters at a server level instead of a user level.


Hope that helps.



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I've had the same issue for months. I mark things as not spam. I repeatedly turn off the spam filtering and it reverts, some of it within minutes.

Someone replied to an email that I sent and it got put into bulk mail and never got forwarded to my gmail account.  I used to get emails from them but now it puts them into bulk mail.  So frustrating.