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Archiving email in transition times

Help!  I am trying to archive a copy of my GoDaddy Workspace emails to my local computer.  I have followed the older instructions for installing both Thunderbird and Outlook -- per GoDaddy's "Workspace Email Help" documentation -- to no avail.  Neither the automatic nor the advanced/manual IMAP settings work.  (Of note, I have no problem logging into Workspace Webmail to access my email.)


In my account info, GoDaddy tells me that my email status ("Moving data to Microsoft 365 email") is 100% complete, but they also advise me to "Continue to use your Workspace email as usual" and that I should "Start using Microsoft 365 email... on 6/2/21" -- three weeks from now.


Am I stuck in a "no-man's land" in the Workspace Webmail--to--Microsoft 365 Email transition?  Why can't I implement Thunderbird or Outlook, per GoDaddy's older instructions?  Will I have to wait until the transition to Microsoft 365 is complete?


I don't want to use Microsoft 365, and will be transitioning to another email provider... so I don't want to have to learn Microsoft 365 just to save a copy of my email records!


Thanks for any advice!


It's a poor solution at best. but you can click the box to select all your messages in any folder, then click the drop down box in the top right corner and select "save" (and/or "print"), and archive your files to your hard drive.  An alternate is to save each file separately - in my case a tedious task - then they can be accessed individually and use copy and paste to work with them after the transition - Yes, I, too, will be forsaking GoDaddy - I do NOT want my private business "in the cloud" nor do I want Microsoft to have access to all my "stuff" - WORSE, my old laptop doesn't LIKE Microsoft Office 365 - I tried it once and had a **** of a time backing out.  I think GoDaddy is trying to reduce their customer base - this is one sure way to do it.  Sadly, I'm paid up for the next three years and GoDaddy has a no refund policy - -
$$$$$  *** POOF*** $$$$$$

Thank you very much for your suggestions -- I'll try them out.  I have a ton of emails, but at least divided into relevant folders, fortunately. 


I agree with your sentiments entirely, and your advice is much appreciated. Thanks again for posting your suggestions!