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Cannot Re-send Fax Thru Emails

I tried. I sent a fax that was supposedly not received. Shows complete on this side. There is a Resend email on the upper left at the Fax history page. Why it's called Resend email when it's a Fax is beyond me, but whatever.


Anyway, I click it, and it says  on the right, Please select a fax to resend.


There is nothing to select. No button, no checkbox next to the completed, sent faxes. The ONLY check boxes are next to faxes RECEIVED. I have tried this in multiple browsers, on Mac and PC, and it's the same on all of them.


So, what's up, I would like EXACT instructions on how to re-send a fax that has been sent already.


And why does it say Resend Email at the top of the FAX page??


Re: Cannot Re-send Fax Thru Emails

Hey @smtips,


First let me say welcome to the community! Glad to have you join us! Smiley Happy


Regarding the "Resend Email" button, this is specifically to resend a new copy of a fax already received via email. This doesn't resend an outgoing fax that was already sent. If you want to re-send out a fax, it'll need to be setup as a new outgoing fax as the original was already completed. 


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