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Cannot receive email on Outlook

Starting last Wednesday, I've been unable to receive emails in Outlook and on my iPhone. Outlook keeps telling me either that it cannot connect to the server, or that the connection has been interrupted. Webmail works ok.... But it got worse today as now I can't send from Outlook or my phone either!!

I have a second GoDaddy email acct on both Outlook and the Iphone. It functions perfectly. No settings have been changed, it just stopped working.....



Re: Cannot receive email on Outlook

Hey @hilowyo,


What you're describing is related to the known issue we've been discussing over in Asia Pacific Webmail: Cannot Move, Delete, Or View Received Messages. You should be still send and receive new messages within the webmail interface, but connections with third party clients may still be affected till our teams have finished resolving this issue. 


To avoid confusion, I recommend any further comments being directed to the discussion linked above. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Unable to receive emails to my GoDaddy Email Account

​I have purchased a GoDaddy email account, I have connected it to my Wix domain but I still can't receive emails. This is what I've done so far:


1) I have followed the GoDaddy steps on how to direct my mail to my domain:​. 


2) I included the MX Records under the Wix tab "Other" as it was the only option that allowed me to input the address manually. However, it didn't allow me to change the "Priority" to 0 as shown on the GoDaddy instructions, so I left it on 30. 


3) GoDaddy says the account has been connected. However, when I send an email to this, it says that the address han'd been found: "Remote SMTP server has rejected address"; Diagnostic code: smtp;550 5.1.1


I'd really appreciate your assistance on this matter. 


Many Thanks, 





Cannot receive MailChimp domain verification emails

Since the verification emails, including xxxx keep getting SMTP 550 5.1.1 and 550 5.4.1. error messages I would recommend reaching out to GoDaddy support to see why they replying with a those messages. It could be that they are blocking some of our delivery IPs or the sending address I would recommend talking with them and if they are blocking our IP(s), to whitelist MailChimp's CIDR IP address ranges to the email receiving servers.