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DNS Listed as Invalid

I am attempting to connect my GoDaddy email with Outlook 2013 on a new laptop, running Windows 8. I did this without any problems on my old laptop (also Windows 8), but am running into problems now. No matter what I try--auto set-up, manual set-up and running the Outlook Setup Tool--I get the message that the info I've entered is invalid. Which is obviously incorrect, as I am able to send and receive messages just fine when logged in via a browser using the exact same information. In checking around in my settings, the only thing I can find that's amiss is my DNS settings being listed as "invalid" in the Email Setup Center. Clicking the "view info" link doesn't elaborate on a remedy for this, and I didn't see a solution given in the forums. What can I do about this?


Hey @Lhunweth


It sounds like your DNS settings in the domain itself might be set correctly. Have you tried checking your MX settings?


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