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Domain Transfer - WebMail

Hey guys,


so basically I bought a website and included was a domain.

They transferred the domain to me (he bought on GoDaddy as well).


No Problem as far as that is concerned - yet.


I know that they bought the WebMail service and got a custom mail with the domain (I currently own).

They´ve sent me the password to the custom mail and I tried logging into it via WebMail. It doesn´t work for me neither does it for them any longer.

That´s why I bought the mail package, but when trying to connect and setting it up with the domain (I own), it just shows me that someone else does own the domain, but that´s not true.


The domain is clearly under my domains.


I need this mail asap, but I don´t know what to do? 


Hi @Reddington,


Thanks for posting. Can you please provide a screenshot of the error you are getting when you try to set it up? With more information others in the Community may be able to provide suggestions.



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