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How to setup EMAIL from wordpress

please if anyone can help.

im using godaddys wordpress hosting.

i have setup a office365 email address

i have a contact form on my site ( send to my email)

but its not sending ???

how to i set it up to work 


i have search google and it say i need to add this and that in settings. well im using godaddys wordpress hosting and i cant even get to then settings. 

so please does anyone who how to setup so any one can fill in my contact form on my website and i will recieve a email in office365. 

if so please help


godaddys hosting service wordpress 

godaddys hosting office365 email

website :

contact form /contact

not asking for much help. would be nice if i can get a reply. i believe i get a better reply if i was not paying for my hosting service.

Hi I'm Having the same issue with wordpress, I received the email from the form in my personal email but not in Office365. I have been looking for a solution as well.

I had this running from dreamhost and migrated to godaddy now I have no outbound email from my wordpress site.  Its so confusing to configure this and am thinking of leaving godaddy because of this issue.  


Can someone from godaddy write a configuration document for outbound emails from worpress?