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Issues with sending and receiving email plus my website shows "your connection isn't private"

Hi Friends, 


It became really frustrating when I stopped getting Chat Support from GoDaddy. Since I am in a Country where GoDaddy has no phone support, the only option for me is Chat Support. I was unable to register in the community till today. 


I am a new user and using Web Hosting product (Starter Linux Hosting with cPanel) with WordPress. I have few problems which is not getting solved for past week. 


1. When I open my web site it shows "Your Connection Is Not Private" AND the "https" is crossed and marked in red. This never happened when I first bought the package and hosted a page. 


2. I am using Webmail to check my emails. I have created 3 emails id's from my cPanel. Now the emails are "not sending" and "not receiving"... I tried sending/receiving using gmail and outlook. This problem also started a week back. 


Your suggestion and support will be appreciated. 


Thank you. 


Re: Issues with sending and receiving email plus my website shows "your connection isn't private"

I am using "Starter Linux Hosting with cPanel". I have created 3 email id. I can't send or receive any emails. There is no "Web Chat" support too. I think GoDaddy only provides few number of Chat sessions to clients, then they block the Chat support. I am in a Country where there is no GoDaddy phone support. Smiley SadBad experience with GoDaddy. Smiley Sad


Re: Issues with sending and receiving email plus my website shows "your connection isn't private"

Welcome @surajdong,


Sounds like there are several things going on here. Let me offer some things to consider.


On #1 The presence of an "s" is the a result of a "secure" connection. Do you have an active SSL Certificate associated with the site? 


On #2 I don't know what you mean by using gmail with your webmail and if you are using Outlook as an application to make sending and receiving easier, you have to make sure the underlying webmail is functional before using the Outlook interface.


Also, I don't know what hosting you are on or what country you are in, but GoDaddy has European and Asian based hosting...maybe you want it to be closer.     


That's my observations in general, but if I were you I would contact support. All your local support options are on the link under my name. And GoDaddy has Global support numbers, too.  See:   


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at



Re: Issues with sending and receiving email plus my website shows "your connection isn't private"

Hi Thomas, 


Thanks for your suggestion. I would like to explain my issues in detail:


1. When I open my site "". The Chrome Browser and IE shows the https in RED and displays " ! Not Secure". I never had this issue a week ago.


I am a new customer and am using "Starter Linux Hosting with cPanel"; using wordpress to built my site. 


I got 10 email id free with my Hosting pack. I have created one email id "". I can send email using this email ID but when I send email to this email id, it doesn't get delivered. 


I am from Nepal and GoDaddy doesn't have phone support in this Country. I only have community or web chat. From Web Chat I am unable to get any support. 


Please suggest. Thanks. Suraj


Re: Email Not Sending

Hi @surajdong.

If you have not purchased and setup an SSL, you cannot access your site using HTTPS.

Looking at your domain name, you seem to be missing some DNS records. You should add an A Record with a Host of 'mail' that Points To the IP address of your cPanel hosting plan. See this article for steps to add a DNS record:

If a support number is not available for your country, you can call the nearest number for assistance or the US based number.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status