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Lost access to workspace email

Hi, in order to better manage my domains I decided to transfer them to one godaddy accpunt which was easy to accomplish. Unfortunately I didn't realise my workspace email would not be transferred over.


I decided to transfer the domain back to my other godaddy account in the hopes that it will be fixed or I would be able to setup workspace email again but unfortunately I am unable to do this.


Please could someone advise on how to go about resolving this? Had I known my email would be affected I wouldn't  have transferred from one godaddy account to another godaddy account.

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Re: Lost access to workspace email



This is an issue that you will have to call GoDaddy support for and perhaps they will have a restore option (there maybe a fee)


For your information and others - when you transfer a domain between accounts it does cancel any add-ons / services associated with that domain as per the pop-up/alert - so just a note to double check. 


If you have multiple GoDaddy accounts and want to "merge" them together - this is something GoDaddy support can do and then all the items do transfer as the accounts are merge not just moved from one to the other

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Re: Lost access to workspace email

I did call customer services and was informed that since it was a free product it can't be restored. I am gutted as the email is setup  for use with banking services and appointment reminders from hospital.


I did ask to speak with a supervisor to see if as a goodwill gesture it could be restored as it was a transfer from one account to another with  godaddy . I was told the supervisor is in a meeting a call back could b e arranged which I agreed to.


I receive d a call with the same person I spoke with posing as a supervisor which is absurd, I have been a godaddy customer ever since  my domains were transferred over to godaddy as previous provider lost   icann accredidation and decided to shutdown.


I am going to look into other domain providers and take my domains with me  once I  find a company I am comfortable with.


Re: Lost access to workspace email

Hi @fjear,


If a Workspace Email is cancelled in the account and re-created within a few days, the account should auto-restore. However, since your email plan was free (and a free plan no longer available), you can simply purchase a new Workspace Email plan and create an address using the same name. These plans are not available online, but can be purchased through a customer support agent. 


The previous suggestion to merge the accounts is a great option for you to keep your products together and manageable from one account. Our support team can do that for you, too.



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Re: Lost access to workspace email

I appreciate your help but I have found a free email provider  with whom I have setup my domain with to receive emails. I am an individual and the basic free package was good enough for me.


After searching the web I came across many negative reviews about buying hosting with godaddy if in the future I do need an upgraded email package  I certainly won't be buying from godaddy.


I know my doing business else where won't affect godaddy but I am of the opinion it's godaddy's fault for not making it clear when a transfer is done between accounts actives services will be discontinued. I did not cancel my email it's no good trying to point the finger at me.


Thanks for your suggestion but no thanks.