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Not receiving emails from Wordpress contact form - Help!

Hi all,


My Office 365 email from GoDaddy can't seem to receive any emails from my Wordpress website. I've just about exhausted my efforts in trying to get it to do so. I tried using different contact form plugins, switching to smtp delivery and messing with MX entries but no avail. Please help as I don't want to have to switch email services! 

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Re: Not receiving emails from Wordpress contact form - Help!



I use Office 365 and have no problem getting my WordPress emails so you shouldn't have to switch email services.   Email is pretty basic but it relies on settings being correct in both the DNS (MX) and your email service (spam, filtering, etc.).


You noted you tried different plugins.  Firsst make sure to always use a plugin that stores form submissions in the database so that you can access them in your WordPress dashboard.  While receiving email notices of submissions is nice and convenient, until you get this resolved having a form plugin that stores those submissions means you do not lose any contacts.  You just have to check into your site every so often and see if there are new submissions.    Ninja Forms is a great contact form plugin that does just his.


You said you messed with MX entries to no avail.  You have to make sure that your MX servers are correct and that there are no conflicting records from previous services/hosts.


  • for the 1st MX record:
    • Priority field: 0.
    • Destination field:
  • for the 2nd MX record:
    • Priority field: 10.
    • Destination field:

Being you didn't mention your type of hosting, you may want to verify the above and what MX servers should be in place with GoDaddy.    If email is not being received, only GoDaddy support can ultimately troubleshoot that for you.


HTH! 😉

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