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Office365 Word documents freeze and crash

I am using the MS Office Business package that was provided by the subscription to our GoDaddy service. It has a 3 user package - and this problem is happening on 2 different computers - that are not in the same network. I have been experiencing the biggest problem with my Microsoft WORD program (although it also occurs while using Publisher and Excell)


The program freezes and then crashes.

This always happens if I try to insert a picture into a word doc- but if I copy the picture and then paste it- the program doesn't freeze. It is not only images that cause the freeze- it can happen for any reason at any time, but its inconsistent.  Only when I attempt to insert an image am I guaranteed to crash.   

I have read on different forums that this is a common problem

What can be done to correct this?


thank you - SPI



I am not an expert in regards to this. But I did some research and looks like there are community forums threads within Microsoft that has suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Check out the post here, if that does not help I suggest asking within their forums.

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