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One of my domains don't appears on Workspace Control Center


I bought a new domain and discovered that there's no more free e-mail forwarding account, so I make contact with godaddy support and bought 11 forward account (the guy told me that was the minimum, for BRL83,90 and i found it very suspicious, cause I heard that I can buy something called "Legacy Package" for $2,59/year) now i have the forward accounts but can't use my new domain, all another domains appears and the new one don't appears on Workspace Central, can someone help me?


When I click in "create forward" and type "@" at the field "Forward this email address" my new domain don't appears too, while the old one appears...


Hi @renelss,


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Were you able to get the email forward setup in your account? If the domain is directed to another provider through nameservers, it may not show on your drop-down choices and need to be manually entered. Be sure to update the MX records in the DNS of the domain so it will be functional. And contact GoDaddy customer support at any of the number in the link below, if you need more help. 



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