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Synching Web Email and android email issue

Hello:  I'm having an issue with synching my GoDaddy Workspace Email with my new Android phone.

Good:  When I delete an email from the android phone mailbox, I check my PC Workspace email account and the email is deleted there too.

Bad:  When I delete an email from my PC Workspace Email account, the email remains in  my android phone mailbox.

I followed the Android Setup Email guide on the GoDaddy site:

POP3 Server:
Security Type: None    Port:110

SMTP server:
Security Type: SSL    Port:80

"Authentication required before sending emails" fields are completed with my account name and password.

Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong?

Helper II

POP3 mail protocol downloads mail and has nothing to do with the server. deleting a message from one device has nothing to do with the same mail on other device.


If you want all mail to be in complete sync don't use POP3 use IMAP, make sure you change this in all your devices.

Thank you for the help!