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To: field in sent emails disappears

What would be the cause of the "To:" field disappearing after sending an email. When looking in my sent folder, I noticed the email address that I had input in the "To:" field was not there, so... thinking that I had possibly made a mistake, I resent it and they told me they had already received the original.  How will I know whether recipients receive an email or not if this keeps happening?

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Hi @newsusy,


You will know if someone has received an email by it not bouncing back........

As to your problem I suggest contacting support as without test emails going back and forth.....

and I am sure not many folk here want to give out their email and be email guinea pigs to a stranger........... for obvious reasons.

Will do - of course I wasn't going to give out the email address! Just wondered if anyone else had the same problem. Obviously bouncing back would be a sign, but having it just up and disappear is still a problem as far as I'm concerned. Thanks.