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What is an email alias and how do I set it up?

Would love some help with this. Thanks!

Super User II

An e-mail alias is another e-mail address using the same domain as your primary address.  The alias addresses would then land in your primary address account inbox for review/download.


So for example:





E-0mails sent to us@ will land in your me@ mailbox.


If you are using Office 365:


  • Login to your 365 account.
  • Click the ADMIN black "gear" button.
  • Click on Users in left sidebar.
  • Click on the Primary email address in the body of the page.
  • In the right sidebar will load "Primary email address:" click edit next to that.
  • Under "Other Email Addresses" click Add New and add your aliases.


HTH! 😉

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

I am new to godaddy, I just bought a domain, and want to know if I can set any email address associated with my domain, I have seen before registration that its giving 100 email aliases with registration. 

what if I just want to sent mail on

and it will land to


do I need to pay extra for it or it can setup free of charge?






I don't think I have Office 365 (I have Office 2007).


A few years ago GoDaddy gave 1 email address with each domain registered ... is this the case now?


If not, how do I access to administer those addresses set up a long time ago?

Super User II

Office 365 is a service you would purchase through GoDaddy -- it's $5/month.  This service provides you with robust and reliable e-mail services on the Microsoft servers.


GoDaddy's freebie e-mail service, WorkSpace, is no longer reliable.  It is "old technology" -- GoDaddy support's description not mine. I sort of chuckled when I was told that as email is email -- it is what it is -- it isn't old, it isn't new.  You have an incoming and an outgoing server and it should work.  Unless your server infrastructure is antiquated -- which has nothing to do with simple email (POP account) functionality.


I found this out when addresses I had in place with GoDaddy for *years* started getting delayed from 12 hours to days.  I could tell they were being throttled because all at once I would receive a slew of emails time stamped over a period of 2 days.  It was like the **bleep** had broke -- then nothing until the next time the flood gates were opened.


After *hours* on the phone with support and really getting nowhere it became clear to me that WorkSpace is not a product that GoDaddy is interested in investing or supporting. 


I've had several clients experience the same. I wish GD would just come out and say they no longer are supporting this product instead of putting customers through the rope-a-dope like it was something with their settings or server.  I confirmed on several occasions it was not.  Ran trace reports which confirmed the delays were on the GoDaddy servers.


You can access those accounts by going to My Account > WorkSpace Email.  There you will find the free accounts you have setup and any "credits" you may have for more. 


Just this week I tested the waters with one of my "free with domain" accounts that I had not used -- and the same occurred.  Set it up and emails didn't flow.  They aren't even a couple hours late -- try more like up to 36 hours in some cases.  And this with domains parked on GoDaddy servers -- no outside servers involved.


Based on my personal experience I would not rely on WorkSpace. This is one of those you get what you pay for deals.

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin


i tried all processes

now i am in the stage where the new mail is reflected in the alias mail but don't know how to make it work

Me too nothing works. I miss the Old Go Daddy where you just added one. 


Hi, I have just joined Godaddy Office 365 and have set up my email account. However I cannot set up an alias attached to that account. I have followed the instructions on the site

and which I was sent in a link BUT every time I click save, the two aliases that I have set up just vanish. What can I do?

Former Employee

Hello! So with Workspace it is called something a bit different, that being identities. Please find the instructions: Adding an Identity. Also contrary to popular belief Workspace is still very much a supported product. Office 365 email is simply easier for the end user to manage and better equipped to deal with modern equipment (PORTS??? NO MORE!) something that is well worth the cost of admission. If you have ever wanted to slam your phone in a million pieces when setting up POP or IMAP I cannot recommend Office 365 enough. 


Hope this helps! 

I went to the link you mentioned and this is no longer available through settings on workspace. Are there any other ways of setting up an identity?

@Rachel wrote:

Would love some help with this. Thanks!


FOR INFORMATION ....  when someone tells you there are no Catch All email ability in 365    tell them that the name has changed to Alias ... same thing ... I spent a frustrating time on the phone with someone ,.. trying to set up an email .... that could have different names in front of the primary email address ....  and was told it would NEVER HAPPEN .... DOESN'T HAPPEN ... TO BAD !! 


And the service has not changed ... only the name and the procedure for completing the task on set up ... whew .. so glad I found out the new name for the old service ... it is a shame the customer service person I had on the phone didn't know that information ...