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Windows 10 / Outlook 2016 - Cannot add published .ics calendar from GoDaddy Office 365

I published my GoDaddy Office 365 .ics calendar and was able to subscribe to it into Outlook 2013 without trouble; I used this for months. Any change I made in O365 was reflected in my Outlook client. I upgraded my computer from Windows 8.1 to 10, and my Outlook version from 2013 to 2016, and now I can no longer subscribe to my GoDaddy Office 365 .ics calendar within Outlook. It just prompts me for a password, and nothing I seem to enter works (I can log into O365 OWA just fine, so I know I'm using the right credentials). Credential manager has nothing saved.


This is WAYYYYYY harder than it needs to be - I almost get the sense that it's a bug with the software and isn't supported. I'm extremely tech savvy, and I've been fighting with this for probably 8-9 hours in total. If it's not supported, I'm cancelling my subscription, as the calendar is the only thing I ever used, and I NEED it in Outlook 2016.


Hope someone out there can help me out!!