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Workspace tab in IE keeps refreshing

This started a week or 2 ago. It only happens in Internet Explorer and only from one system. I didn't make any changes to any setting of Godaddy workspace but have had Windows updates done. If I have multiple IE tabs open and I am not in the Workspace one, when I go back to the Workspace tab the screen refreshes. If I am in the Workspace tab and open an email and follow a link from the email which opens a new IE tab, when I go back to the Workspace tab it will refresh and be back at the Inbox screen not the email I had open. This is driving me nutty. Anyone experiencing this besides me?


Yes, I'm experiencing the same problem in chrome. I have ran cleaner, cleared cache and anti virus.  Let me know if you solve the problem and i will also let you know.

Yes. I too experiencing the same problem but in "Windows Edge" browser. I suspect it could be malware infection. Does anyone can advice on permanent solution please. I used "McAfee Total Protection" and "Trojan Killer" but it did not fixed solve the issue.



Ok I am also using McAfee Total Protection. Come to think of it, it also did an auto renewal of my license about 2 weeks ago. This would be around the time my issues started. I will disable or uninstall it and report what I find.  

I'm using Norton, also ran malware, deleted workspace desktop tools and reinstalled.  No changes here.

Even I did re-installation of Workspace Desktop Tools but the issue was not resolved. Still problem persist.


Does anyone had fixed this issue? Please share your experience.

I have uninstalled McAfee and that made no difference. Ran various virus/malware programs which didn't turn up anything. Uninstalled/reinstalled IE which didn't help. But what I did find is, Workspace was set to the "Updated view" option. When I have it at "Classic view" I do not get the refreshing . I believe the issue has to be related to something at Godaddy at this point. I will be contacting them tomorrow.


I've been having the same problem for many weeks now.  Strange that GoDaddy hasn't spoken up and done something about this issue.  I'm starting to use my Google email more because of this issue.

Hi everyone,


I'm on Chrome, and I've been having the constant refresh issue since I started using GoDaddy.


I just realized it may be due to any extensions you have setup for Chrome. If you are running Adblock Plus, then disable it for your workspace webmail. 


(If you don't know how: Just log into your email, and click the Adblock Plus icon, and then change "enabled on this site" to "disabled on this site." The window should then refresh, if not, refresh it yourself, or close it and log back in.)


This may fix the problem for you. It seems to have worked for me.

Work around I use:

For basic use I only use the classic version.

It actually has more functionality then the so called updated version.

When I need to create templates, I'll use the updated version for no other reason then it works better for installing custom text and graphics directly into the template.

It will still auto refresh when ever it decides to, but, if you can save a draft copy before you start working, and keep saving, it will usually stay open long enough to get all or part of your project done.

When you repeatedly get a popup asking if you if you would like to stay on this page when ever you try to make a change, of course say yes.

The easiest way to cut down of creation time is to use classic for most of the body of your template or message, and use updated for other things that classic doesn't handle.

Be sure to double check the finished products in both versions, send yourself a test email that opens in an impartial browser, and finally, print out a test page to make sure it formats correctly on other systems.

Remember, GIGO, "If your not controlling your computer, your computer is controlling you: Sarge2000

Good luck!