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emails showing as no content on android

I have been using the Outlook app for months - without incident. Today many emails are showing up in my inbox as having "no content" - but that's not true. And when I access using the webmail thru a browser on my notebook computer - it's all there.  It also is all there in the gmail account I forward messages to.


What's going on?  I'm only using the Outlook app because GoDaddy "made" me.  So... any thoughts on what I can do? 


The good news is, the content is all there.  The bad news, I can't see it if I'm using my phone or tablet. 




I am having the exact same problem on all of my family's Apple i devices -- iPhones, iPad Pro and iPad minis. A few days ago, I started noticing the problem.  Then my wife showed me her iPhone where almost all of her messages say no content. This is happening on two different iOS versions. We made no changes to our Apple devicesin months.  These messages are from senders we have been successfully receiving email from for years -- including Facebook, Life360, several news sites and our friends and family.


I have tried killing the app and rebooting the devices.  I also tried completely removing three of the email accounts and adding them back. 


Also, I have some godaddy imap accounts and some godaddy office365 accounts. 


Thanks for for your help.





I'm having the same problem. It's sporadic, but super frustrating. I depend on my iPhone for email when traveling. I tried rebooting, moving emails into separate folders, and some other tricks suggested on internet discussions about this. Now I'm checking out GoDaddy to see if they can troubleshoot. I was happier with the original GoDaddy app and wasn't thrilled when they switched us to Outlook. Please let us know how to fix this!!

Same here. It's been happening for a few days now. Any help from GoDaddy?


Same here - only difference its an iphone.  Just started a few days ago.  
Every other email account is fine - just my GoDaddy email is showing no content.  Super frustrating, esp when I'm on the road 80% of the time. 

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Hello Everyone! This is a new one. I've not heard of this happening. I'd recommend that you all reach out to our support team to troubleshoot this further. Thanks!


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