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    My Dream

    I have Very good ideas, and i see a lot of opportunities in the market. I can change the world,but i can Not do it alone.
    I need a team, people to work with me and help me acheiving my vision.
    I need a mentor, and investors to work with.

    I am 30 years old, and I already started building my business a month ago. I have a Very hard time trying to convince others to Follow me and work with a little money. It will be much easier if i can pay for their services. I already convinced some to help.

    In a few weeks, Iam suppose to start marketing my service.i have a solid plans, that Iam sure it will get me a good share of the market compared to the money i investor and more.

    If some one can help me growing faster, i will make him more than he ever dreamed.
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    Former Employee

    Re: My Dream

    Hi @ayoussief I look forward to hearing more about you plans and aspirations! We are here to help, and I can think of no better place to begin than our mentoring section. Each mentor highlights up to 4 expertise on the mentor page. By clicking on a mentor, their profile will also display a professional experience section that may resonate with you. Just click “request a mentor” to ask for help. I recommend not requesting more than 1 or 2 until you hear back. Let me know if you need help, a PM is a click away!

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