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    Who and how to hire an SEO?

    I have a small business and I am so lost that i get frustrated to the point of wanting to just quit it all but thats dumb. I need to hire an SEO but I dont wanna get screwed. Anyone have some solid suggestions?

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    Re: Who and how to hire an SEO?

    First, you have to see how much you can pay if you hire an SEO agent, if you don't have enough budget for him/her than hire a freelancer.

    Look his/her previous projects/work related to SEO.

    After that make a list of things you want to achieve after hiring him/her.

    Get Daily Updates from him, the more you want effective results the more you have to pay him/her.

    Wait at least 6 months for an effective result.



    Re: Who and how to hire an SEO?

    would you like to share your website So I can check where is the problem? And how many you have keywords? Hire a Professional SEO who work with full strategy and report you weekly

    Re: Who and how to hire an SEO?