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    question about meta tag placement!

    Hello! I'm trying to optimize the SEO for my site myquickincome.com to become more effective and was just wondering if I should, or can I, put the meta tags in the "description" section (in site settings) without messing anything up or hurting my SEO?

    I'm talking about using the actual tags such as:


    • "<meta name = "keywords" content = "blah bla blah">
      <meta name = "description" content ="we provide different ways to make money blah blah">"

    Or does the description section automatically turn keywords into meta tags after adding them?

    Such as when adding keywords like this:


    • "Description: Money making ideas, Fast money making methods, How to make money online"

    Or would the best way, SEO wise, be to add a sentence that tells what the website is about? Such as:


    • "Description: We provide proven methods for generating an income online, and only list the most effective techniques which have been individually tested for quality."

    I've uploaded a screenshot using the input method I first mentioned, which is what I'm hoping will work, but I don't want to save it like that if its going to mess up my SEO! I believe I saw somewhere that whatever is in the description box wont actually be seen in search results, and is used for crawling; However, i'm not entirely sure if thats correct... I put the HTML code in my index file but i'm not sure if it'll work like that, since SEO optimization is set up thru GoCentral?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance! Smiley Very Happy

    Cody - My Quick Income

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    Re: question about meta tag placement!



    Those fields are not for code -- just input a carefully crafted description. No need to add the actual HTML tags -- you don't need to even add the word "Description" as noted in your example.  The editor will take care of the actual background code needed for search engines to read.


    HTH! Smiley Wink



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