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Getting Products

I am interested in where you get the products and photos of the products to start your store?

Hi, are you staring a new business venture?  We would love to help. What type of products are you wanting to sell?

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I'm interested in journals tshirts and natural home items

Yes it is a new business @Ashlee04!

Hi @FELT314 ,


Try InventorySource --  -- I use them for parts of my drop shipping setup.  Travis and his team are first rate.  Outstanding customer service.  The platform is the best I have seen for inventory/shipping automation.  A huge feature is the ability to customize your feed/products BEFORE uploading to your online catalog.   They also have a HUGE product catalog from which you can select products.


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One question might answer the other @FELT314. Depending on your supplier you may be provided with product pictures? I know s lot of wholesale companies that have stock product pictures for you to utilize. I find that submental environmental pictures or action shots add to a website because stock pictures are sometimes a bit bland.

I additionally find that product mockups are really useful (especial with apparel). There are really nice product mockups for everything from coffee bags to sweatshirts. Usually with just a couple of clicks you can have great looking images in just about any product category. I hope that helps?

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