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Disappearing wildcard SSL in IIS7 Certificates - Windows 2008 server

Hello all,

I have a wildcard SSL on a Windows 2008 server managing remote access.

The wildcard has expired, but I've had it renewed.

I've followed all instructions on this page:


The first part has gone OK. The second part works up to point 9.

As soon as I go to bindings I cannot see the new certificate.


When I go back to step 3, the certificate I just imported isn't there.


I've tried Godaddy for support, all they say is

" I am truly sorry as we do not have further information regarding the installation to 3rd-party services."


Just to add, I've read the forums and seen I'm not the only one with the issue:


I've also tried the solution here:


Tried calling support but they won't assist.