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Purchase EV SSL for personal website?

I have recently purchased the multiple site UCC/SAN protection with EV SSL which I intended to use for several of my personal websites. I'm not a business or company in any way and do not have an LLC or anything like that. The websites are just profile, blog, bio type sites. Did I purchase the wrong thing? Can an individual use the EV SSL for a non business type website? I have begun the process of verification of the cert, but is seems stuck at 7% and i'm concerned that this is the problem.


Hey @jersey


Because of the extensive vetting process involved in the Premium EV SSL, you may be right in why the validation process is appearing stuck as our teams who review each request may not be easily finding any public information confirming the validity of your organization/business (or lack there of).


I can't say these haven't been used for personal site uses, but they're not commonly pursued due to the time required for the vetting. This is one of the main reasons why most EV certificates are also given a free standard SSL to be requested and issued immediately for use while one waits for the vetting process to be completed. 


If you think it would be better for you to switch to a standard SSL, I'd suggest reaching out to our live support teams so they can help with a possible refund for the certificate (since it doesn't sound like it's been issued yet) and getting you setup with a better fitting option. 


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