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Wordpress auto migration failed


I just set up a new GoDaddy WordPress hosting account and selected the auto migration option. It said it had migrated successfully but the site (currently on temp domain assigned by GoDaddy) is just a default with Hello World post. No content from the existing site has been transferred. Is there a delay in this process and I should check back later? If the migration failed how do I do it manually?



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Re: Wordpress auto migration failed

I have migrated quite a few sites, and USUALLY the auto-migration works very well. Having said that, of course I have also seen it fail. There are a couple of things you can try to optimize success.


First is to disable plug-ins before you do the migration. I have discovered that a couple of them will definitely cause it to fail. Wordfence is a prime example. Something about Wordfence's wonderful security algorithm thinks the migration tool is trying to hack your site. So if I'm going to do a migration, I will do it during off-hours (at night, or weekends) to minimize the time when someone might see the site with plug-ins disabled that affect performance. Then after the migration is done, re-enable plug-ins.

The second thing is that some plug-ins are actually not allowed to be migrated over, because GoDaddy has determined them to be problematic. I don't see that often, but for example know that there are a few that are "blacklisted" (Google XML Sitemaps is one). 


If a migration fails, there is an option to reset the WP installation to remove it, and start over. So if it failed once, try disabling plug-ins and start the migration again. if it still fails, call tech support. They have ways to do a manual migration (or to talk you through it). It involves downloading the entire wp-content folder to your computer and then manually uploading it to the new installation via FTP, plus some database trickery to copy that over. It's all completely do-able, but usually they will want to see that you have tried the manual migration at least twice first.


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Re: Wordpress auto migration failed



Good troubleshooting guide @webdiva


I've also ran into occasional problems in migration.  I know folks are going to get tired of me saying, but its a wonderful tool and works great as an alternative to the GoDaddy migration tool.  UpDraftPlus also has an premium option for off-network backups like DropBox, RackSpace, Amazon, etc.  It is in the GoDaddy approved plugins.  Also, Backup Buddy is another really good alternative. It too, is GoDaddy approved.


For UpDraftPlus the migration is part of the premium paid package.  As a web-site owner, not a developer, I truly value the ability to make sure that my site is "server independent", by being able to have a backup on remote storage AND that I can send to any server or hosting company if needed.  For example, vertically scaling up to a managed wp cloud server requires a migration.  Server crashes happen, the restore is at your fingertips if you need a new one.  I just believe that as much as the web site developer, the owner also has a responsibility to have a backup plan in place.  Its not a matter of if you'll need it, its a matter of when.


The point of this little rant -- Web site (Web Property) owners need a back up plan, not just software or a plugin!


Hope this helps,


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Re: Wordpress auto migration failed

I've got a site right now where the migration failed. The Managed WordPress site has migration pending and there is no way to remove the site or kickstart it again. In general when migration fails, I find I have to call support to "remove" or reset the site. It sits at 40%, spinning bar and an Error under the bar. No diagnostic messages either.



Deactivating plugins and using the standard theme is what support told me to try to give it a go again. In a production website, is that really an option though? Especially when turning off plugins or a theme may damage the original site.


I guess what I am saying is that now that migration requires a GoDaddy plugin (FTP is no longer used) you'd think that the procedure would give some diagnostics when it failed. FTP is no longer supported so this is a fully plugin enabled procedure. Diagnostics are critical to figure out why a migration fails.


A generous portion of websites have plugins/themes in use. The alternate migration procedure is really a database export/database import and WP file transfer. To do that you need direct access to mySQL on the original host, as well as FTP access. Usually this is available, but sometimes not.


I'd say an alternate procedure should be installing a set of plugins to do this inside of WordPress on the original site to get the files, directories and SQL bundled into a file to manually do the transfer. This brute force method is an option really, but only if it is documented and doesn't make assumptions as to what the migrator actually has access to. Assume it's only dashboard admin access on the original WP website. That's the best assumption as cpanel, SQL, ftp access is not a given.

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Re: Wordpress auto migration failed

The original post on this was last summer, before the migration process was changed (as @Alex-NewPath mentioned in his reponse). 


Since that change, I have run into problems a few times lately where the auto-migration fails. There is a way to do it manually, and until recently, tech support would walk you through the steps and/or help with some of the trickier database stuff. But the last time I called about this (maybe 2 weeks ago?), I was told that it now costs $100 to have them do it. Of course that's ridiculous -- someone who has just paid that much for a year or two of hosting should not then also have to pay to get the results promised as "simple" and "fast." Auto-migration is supposed to be a big selling point of making the move.


There are instructions on the Help system, and I was able to follow them but realize that it's unrealistic to expect the typical user to get to this level.


Hopefully a solution is being worked on.


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Re: Wordpress auto migration failed

Thanks for the feedback @Alex-NewPath & @webdiva! We're currently working closely with some Community members on gathering your feedback and improving our process. Stay tuned! 


Re: Wordpress auto migration failed

I've been told by Installatron that I have to move my wordpress maually from my classic hosting to the cpanel.  We tried it through Installatron and it wouldn't work.  The manually move wordpress document cited above is for moving to managed wordpress.  What document gives me instructions for moving from classic linux to cpanel?  Much thanks.