Travel Website

Go places with a custom travel website.

Travel Website
Go places with a custom travel website.

Begin your journey.

Booking and planning a vacation can be overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. Help travelers plan the perfect vacation with a custom travel website.

Before you start creating your site, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you’ll want to figure out your purpose. Are you looking to build a website where travelers can book a trip? Or are you looking to post travel tips and tricks? Whatever you’re hoping to accomplish, make sure you take some time to think about it.

Once you’ve figured out your purpose, you need to select a name. You’ll want to make sure that it reflects the goal of your site and is something that people will remember. Do a few Google searches to get some inspiration.


Book the perfect vacation.

If you’re looking to create a travel booking site, it’s crucial to include a travel search tool. Be sure to add filters like travel dates, location, price range and hotels. Giving travelers more options when it comes to booking a vacation ensures they find the best spot and place for a perfect vacation.

Reveal top travel locations.

Use your website to inspire those with the desire to travel. Feature a list of the best travel locations somewhere on your site. You should also consider including hotel and flight information to give travelers a better understanding of what it’ll take to get there.

Along with posting all this information, you should also include photos and videos of each destination. Doing so will further excite vacationers and help prepare them for their next getaway.

Feature exciting deals.

Feature hotel deals or reduced airfare on your travel site to help travelers save a few bucks. Create a spot on your website where vacationers can browse through deals and sales on hotels, airfare and activities. Featuring this information allows visitors to take advantage of an incredible sale and get even closer to going on their dream vacation.


Wander into the best sites.

Help vacationers make the most of their trip by listing the best activities, tourist attractions and sites to see in every city. First-time travelers will love getting more information about things to do on their vacation. They’ll also get a better idea of what they can’t miss while they’re traveling.

You should also consider including links to popular tourist attractions, so vacationers can begin making plans. Including that information is something your visitors will really appreciate.

Go abroad with confidence.

Traveling to a new place can be intimidating. Help ease vacationer’s fears by posting travel tips and tricks on your website. Featuring articles or even videos of how to properly pack a suitcase or how to take the metro in Paris will help travelers feel more confident while they’re roaming.

You should also consider posting vital information travelers need to know before they leave. This information could include places to avoid or cultural practices of which to be aware. Being a true “know before you go” will boost your visitor’s confidence, as well as your website’s reputation.

Explore the unknown.

Inspire your travelers to journey to the lesser-known places in the world. Post an article or two about places people should go. Places like the Tinago Falls in the Philippines or the Marble Caves in Chile are both incredible locations that not many people know about but may want to visit. Posting hidden-gem travel locations on your site are sure to get people excited about traveling, and coming back for more information.

Provide some vacation inspiration.

Keep vacationers up-to-date on everything on your site by including a subscribe button. Giving travelers the opportunity to opt in for email updates ensures that they won’t miss a thing. Whenever there’s a fantastic new travel deal or vacation spot they need to visit, your followers will be alerted to it.

Get in touch with travelers.

When it comes to travel, people are bound to have questions. What should I pack? What’s the weather going to be like? What airline should I take? The list goes on and on. Help travelers find answers to these questions by featuring your contact information on your travel website. Including your primary phone number and email address ensures that people can get in touch with you.

Take it a step further and include your social media information as well. Now when your followers are scrolling through their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they’ll see what’s been going on at your site. Plus, growing your social media presence can help increase traffic to your site.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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