Managed WooCommerce Stores Help

Get started! Marketplaces & Social for Managed WooCommerce Stores

The Marketplaces & Socials feature for Managed WooCommerce Stores allows you to easily connect your store with your marketplace channels and sync your products.

Note: Stores must be based in the United States and use $USD to use Marketplaces & Social.

  1. What is Marketplaces & Social?

    An introduction to this feature and how you can utilize it for your store.

  2. How to connect sales channels to Marketplaces & Social?

    Learn how to connect your Marketplaces to your store.

  3. What products are eligible for Marketplaces & Social?

    Find out what WooCommerce products are eligible to use with this feature.

  4. Create & Edit Marketplace listings with Marketplaces & Social

    Add listings via the Marketplaces & Social feature from your Managed WooCommerce Stores site.

  5. Order processing with Marketplaces & Social

    Check how you can process orders placed in your marketplaces from your store.

  6. Supported Marketplaces & Social Channels for Managed WooCommerce Stores

    A list of the supported marketplaces that you can connect with your store via the Marketplaces & Social feature for Managed WooCommerce Stores.

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