Managed WooCommerce Stores Help

Order processing with Marketplaces & Social

You can find the orders in your Commerce Home dashboard by navigating to your GoDaddy products and clicking on the Manage button next to the WooCommerce Stores site that your sales channel is connected to. Then click Orders from the left-side menu to view the list of orders placed on all connected sales channels.

When an order is imported into Commerce Home it will include:

  • the origin marketplace (e.g., Amazon, Etsy, etc.)
  • the marketplace order number
  • and order details (SKUs, price, order total, etc.)
  • Furthermore, you will receive an email from your shop informing you of the order

Note: Order refunds cannot be processed on Commerce Home for marketplace sales channels. Please use your external merchant account (e.g., Amazon seller account) to process refunds.

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