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What products are eligible for Marketplaces & Social for Managed WooCommerce Stores?

Now that you've connected your sales channels, it's time to create your listings. Before proceeding, please take note of the following listing requirements:

  • Product Type: You can only create a listing for simple and variable products, including product variations. You cannot create listings for virtual or downloadable products, or any custom product types (e.g., subscription products).
  • Product Status: A product must be published in your WooCommerce store before you can create a listing.
  • Product SKU: A product must have a product SKU.
  • Managed Stock and Stock Quantity: You'll need to make sure that the Managed Stock option is enabled and the stock quantity is greater than 0. Learn how to enable and edit the product inventory here.
  • Backorders: No backorders are allowed.
  • Brand & Conditions fields: These fields will need to be filled. You can find them in the General tab in the Product data box when editing a product.

Learn how to edit WooCommerce product fields here.

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