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Get started! Set up Google Pay for GoDaddy Payments

With Google Pay you can offer quick and easy checkout to your online customers. In this guide you'll find the steps to set up Google Pay with GoDaddy Payments.

Required: Make sure you enable GoDaddy Payments in the WooCommerce settings and complete the set up process before proceeding.
  1. Enable Google Pay for GoDaddy Payments
    Learn how to enable the Google Pay payment method for GoDaddy Payments in your shop.
  2. Configure Google Pay for GoDaddy Payments
    Find out how to set up and customize Google Pay and buttons that show up in your store when you enable this payment method.
  3. Product types and extensions compatible with Google Pay
    Check out this step to find which product types and extensions are compatible with the GoDaddy Payments - Google Pay payment method.
  4. GoDaddy Payments - Google Pay Frequently Asked Questions
    Find out more about frequently asked questions about the Google Pay integrations with GoDaddy Payments.
  5. Troubleshooting GoDaddy Payments - Google Pay
    Common troubleshooting steps you can take if you encounter any issues when connecting Google Pay with GoDaddy Payments.

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