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Using Google Pay with GoDaddy Payments

Let's see some frequently asked questions about the GoDaddy Payments - Google Pay payment method.

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How can I test payments with Google Pay in my store?

Currently, GoDaddy Payments and GoDaddy Payments - Google Pay integration don't offer a testing environment. If you'd like to check if everything is working as expected, you can create a low-priced product and place an actual order using Google Pay. Then, you can refund the transaction when your testing is done.

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Does GoDaddy Payments - Google Pay support WooCommerce Subscriptions?

WooCommerce Subscriptions isn't currently supported by GoDaddy Payments - Google Pay, but it's something that our team will be adding in the future.

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Why can't my customers find Google Pay on my store?

Google Pay will not display for customers on unsupported devices and browsers. Find out more about how to access and use Google Pay on the Google Pay site.

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I haven't used GoDaddy Payments before. Where can I find more information?

If this is your first time using GoDaddy Payments, you can find more information about how to manage your payments here.

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Where can I see transactions placed with Google Pay?

You can find all transactions placed with Google Pay in your GoDaddy Payments Hub as well as orders labeled Google Pay in your site's WooCommerce > Orders page.

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