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What are chargebacks and how do I dispute them?

A chargeback, also sometimes known as a payment dispute, occurs when a bank asks you to return funds to their cardholder.

The cardholder (your customer) can initiate a chargeback for a variety of reasons:

  • Item not received: Customer claims they didn’t receive the product they ordered and paid for.
  • Item not as described: Customer says the item they received is considerably different than what they expected based on the description.
  • Unauthorized transactions: Customer claims that the purchase was made without their consent or they were charged twice for the same item.

Once a chargeback is initiated, an investigation follows. If the bank feels the request is valid, funds will be removed from your account and returned to the cardholder. However, the bank could decide that a further investigation is required, in which case you will be asked to provide additional information.

Dealing with chargebacks

In the event that one of your customers files a chargeback, we'll send you an email. The email will include details of the transaction in question and a request to provide additional documentation, such as receipts, description of product, warranty info, or other documentation by a certain date.

We will then initiate an investigation and notify you via email on the outcome. Note that this could take anywhere from a few weeks to months to finish the investigation.

If you decide not to dispute the chargeback, you can simply reply to the notification email and no further action is required on your part.

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