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What is the Online Ordering channel?

Online Ordering lets you create a simplified online order experience for your in-person customers through GoDaddy Payments – no additional website or inventory management required. Easily create an online storefront where your customers can create online orders to pick up in your store. All you need is GoDaddy Payments and a GoDaddy smart terminal to get set up.

Note: To set up an Online Ordering page, you’ll need a GoDaddy smart terminal and the Point of Sale Plus plan, which includes a range of additional features such as lower transaction fees, unlimited SKUs and inventory management on your POS device, and more.

Check out some commonly asked questions about setting up and using Online Ordering.

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How does Online Ordering work?

This is the process in a nutshell:

  1. If you haven't already, set up GoDaddy Payments and order a Smart Terminal.
  2. Add products to your GoDaddy Payments product catalog.
  3. Activate the Online Ordering channel.
  4. Adjust the Online Ordering settings (turn online orders on/off, pickup lead time, tax rate, verify open hours and tip settings).
  5. Share the URL for your store. (To find the URL, select View Ordering Page from the Online Ordering settings.)
  6. Your customers visit the URL, add items to their cart and pay for their order online.
  7. Fulfill the pickup order on the Smart Terminal.

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Can my customers create delivery orders?

For now, customers can only create pickup orders through the Online Ordering channel. It may be possible in the future to add a delivery option or integrate with delivery services.

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Can I automatically activate Online Ordering only during my store hours?

Yes. You can configure your store hours in the Online Ordering settings so that customers can only place online orders when your store is open. You can also manually turn online orders on/off for days when your store is on a different schedule (like holidays).

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Where can I find my customers' orders?

An alert will appear on the smart terminal to notify you whenever a customer places a new pickup order. (You can manage your notification preferences in the Online Ordering channel settings.)

To see all pickup orders, tap Orders on your smart terminal home menu and change the Types field to Pickup. You can now review and fulfill your store's pickup orders.

All orders created this way will also appear in your standard GoDaddy Payments reports.

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Can I add additional store pickup locations?

Currently, only one physical location can be allocated per GoDaddy Payments account. However, the ability to add multiple locations will be implemented in the future.

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Can I customize my Online Ordering page?

To keep things simple, Online Ordering includes one general page template and checkout screen. However, you can add product images to the items you sell, to personalize your store and inspire your customers!

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