Why it’s time for a website redesign

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Brian Watts

If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably understand the importance of a website update every now and then. Perfect. Consider this blog a friendly reminder, then. The thought of making website design updates may seem overwhelming to the non-tech types, but the truth is, it’s become easier than ever. Not to mention, there are a lot of benefits of website redesign—you can please your audience, make your products look more appealing, and increase traffic by consistently updating its content.

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

Website redesign tips and tricks

It’s important to change your website design because it keeps your site up-to-date, operational, and visually appealing to your current and potential customers. Your website reflects on your brand and the services or stuff you sell, so it should also be current. Make sure your contact page is accurate, concise, and helpful to your audience. Navigation should be easy. Ordering shouldn’t be hard. It’s all that simple. And, this lets your customers know that your brand is alive and well. For starters, here’s a checklist for you to check out:

  • Make a website update by enhancing its content.
    Make sure the text, or “copy,” is benefits-driven. That means, you need to directly address exactly how your product or service will be valuable to your customer.
  • Change website design by replacing photos and changing color scheme.
    If you have an Instagram account (and you should), the filters help create artistic and aesthetically pleasing pictures. These will help highlight what you’re trying to sell.
  • Simple call to action.
    Have a quick message that easily allows viewers of your webpage to either email, call, or connect with you on social media. Also, be sure link your social media accounts with making a website update.

The benefits of website redesign

When you constantly update your website, you’re letting customers know that the content they’re viewing is current. And, this makes your business stand out from your competition. When you utilize our website redesign tips, keep this in mind. It’ll benefit your customers. It’ll benefit you. It’ll benefit your business. Let’s call it a win-win-win.

Your website reflects your business. Makes sure it’s current, easy to navigate, and beneficial to your consumers.

Update your website with us

If you’re still skeptical, I challenge you to try out our Website Builder for free. With drag-and-drop features, it makes it easy to create or update your website in less than an hour. Add photos, text, and more. Plus, it gives website redesign tips and SEO suggestions, which will help direct more traffic to your site. Whether you have an existing domain or you’re looking for a new one, we can either help you build a new site or enhance your current one. Now’s your chance! So get to it.

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