Real estate agents: How to build a website that sells

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Cindy Williams

Real estate is a competitive business. Self-employed realtors trying very hard to get noticed must use every tool at their disposal. You need to have a better website than your competitors or yours will just be one of the many that simply languish online. But how can you build a website that attracts potential clients, sets your services apart from the rest and improves your sales volume?

Over 95 percent of potential clients shop online for their real estate needs.

For many, the purchase or sale of real estate is a very big decision. Your website must provide all the information that a client needs to make a confident decision about their next move. If you position yourself as the most credible and expert source of local information, you will earn their business.

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Pop goes the website!

Build a Website Two People Shaking Hands

On average, you have about six to 15 seconds to impress your website visitor before they decide to leave and go elsewhere. It is crucially important to give them a reason to stay.

As you learn how to make a website, keep in mind that a good website:

  • Is eye-catching and includes multiple large photos of available properties.
  • Has a “hook” that keeps a potential clients on your page searching for more.
  • Has a great name that is easy for people to spell and remember.

You might want to use your own name for your website, which is fine — if the matching domain name is available. You could also try finding a catchy phrase that includes a keyword as well.

For example, includes the agent’s name and a keyword phrase.

If you have the pop that makes them stay a few seconds longer on your page, you have a far greater chance of converting them to an actual client!

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Make it about them

Many real estate websites look more like online resumes meant to impress potential clients. But buyers and sellers are more concerned with simply trying to figure out their own needs.

In addition to ample pictures and information on available homes, your site should also offer tools that are easy to spot and use. These might include:

  • Payment calculators.
  • Current mortgage rates.
  • Buying and selling advice.
  • Area amenities and maps.
  • Neighbourhood statistics.
  • Links to trusted service providers and more.

You can still include your resume but confine it to the About Us section for potential clients to look at if they want to investigate you further.

Get them to interact

To keep them on your site even longer, you might want to build in at least one interactive feature. Get potential clients involved in your website and you will have captured their attention for sure!

Build a Website Agent Handing Keys to Couple
A website can help you find more leads and close more sales.

Some examples:

  • Offer a matchmaker game that allows them to input their desired wishlist to be automatically matched to what is available.
  • Have clients design their dream homes, then offer an annual prize for the best design.
  • Do a weekly or monthly giveaway to those willing to share their email addresses.

When a potential client lands on your site, you don’t have much time to win their hearts so you need to snag their interest with something different and fun.

Not everyone loves to read, so why not offer information by video?

Start your own YouTube channel and share short and informative videos on a variety of real estate topics. You can also embed your videos in blog posts and on your website.

The dry (but important) stuff

Of course, you will want your site to work with the DDF/IDX technology that allows you to automatically share up-to-date MLS listings.

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing integrates seamlessly with the IDX Broker system.

You’ll also want a great web hosting service (GoDaddy’s Web Hosting plans also include a custom free domain name) to maximize site uptime, as well as a really strong search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. You need to be at the top of the search results page when people are looking in your service areas.

Don’t forget the client testimonials

Clients need assurance that they are making a good decision about who they’re hiring. If they can see that you have glowing reviews from other folks who are happy with your services, then you will have a very easy time convincing them to give you a chance.

Build a Website Sale Sign

Be sure to share your new website

Finally, don’t be a secret agent — a lot of site traffic is the ticket to success. You can introduce your website to the world by:

  • Inviting anyone in your circle of influence to check out your website once it’s published.
  • Sharing the link on all your social media channels.
  • Printing it on business cards and any handouts or advertising that you do.

Once your website is getting attention, you might try digital advertising. Monetizing your site is a good way to make it pay for itself.

Build a website this weekend

Success as a professional realtor is very possible once you know how to make a website that sells. So make the effort to build a fabulous, eye-catching website. Then share it far and wide, keeping it fresh and informative with articles on home ownership, mortgage financing and the local area. This is the way to win the real estate game.

This build a website post was originally published on 7 February, 2019 and was updated on 26 February, 2020.

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