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    Does my website look ok?

    Hi Everyone


    I am guessing this one has been heard before but would you guys mind checking out my site and pointing out any issues which i may have missed.


    Many thanks in advance.


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    Re: Does my website look ok?



    You've got all the basics in place -- good start! Smiley Wink  


    => Not a fan of black backgrounds and white text for professional service sites.  


    => Most of your content seems very generic and not specific to you.  All the little blurbs could apply to pretty much almost any consulting site.  I would work on going deeper and adding more descriptive content that is specific and unique to your company.


     => Your About page needs to be beefed up big time.  Photos of who you are, why you are qualified to give advice and why you should be trusted.  What qualifies you to give advice on any topic? Qualifications, education, who is your support team (photos and bios) should be added.  This is your trust factor page.


    => What does the price include?  Unlimited consulting?  I would detail that as well.


    => I noticed your little legal disclaimer statement but I would highly recommend a more detailed TOS that users agree to before you provide any advice that protects you.  If you are giving advice and things go bad you could be held liable.


    HTH! Smiley Wink


    "I failed my way to success." ~Thomas Edison

    Re: Does my website look ok?

    Hello @Muse Judith 


    Thank you for your feedback, I have tried to edit the site to your suggestions.


    Many thanks