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Email Forwarding Suggestion

In my business, I have several email accounts for employees. I also have a few accounts that are used for info and registration that don't need their own inboxes. Emails to these accounts just need to be forwarded to my account and if I choose to respond, it will be from my account. Setting up the forward was easy enough however I just learned that a "copy" is sent while the original sits in their own inboxes. So what is the problem? Those emails never get deleted (and they never get checked on the server - only when they are sent to me). The big deal is that those inboxes will grow and grow until all server resource is used. They never get purged after x number of days. No warning is sent out that my account server resources are running out. The only option is to wait for my site to go down because it is out of space and then have a customer call me to tell me it is down and then to figure out why it is down and then to go in and purge these emails that should never have been stored in the first place; only forwarded.

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Hello @jgg


You have to read this


After that you can find your solution here


Good luck.


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I set up the forwarded emails the same way I set up my regular ones in cpanel. I went in and changed the settings to forward for those. Is there a difference between cpanel and workspaces? Can I have some emails on one and others in the other or do I have to delete all of mine and redo them all in workspaces (wherever that is)?