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Plug-ins are not easily found by name search feature to install and activate

I was told that has a cool feature that you simple type in your add-on plugins with an install feature and activate feature.   Why can't godaddy have simple add-on plugins recognizing the features the customer wants to install and activate in their account.

I have tried :  all in one seo, pretty link lite, start press reloaded, wp super links, digg digg, and these are just a few - but the search feature does not work easy to recognize either its wording or easily recognition.


Customers like to add the plugin they want and request with ease and not having to call during the day or making some request by email with support.  


Like to know if anyone knows what I am  talking about?

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Re: Plug-ins are not easily found by name search feature to install and activate

This is the first time I'm seeing Blue Host and GoDaddy compared where Blue Host is the technologically advanced one? Seems like you are talking about automatically installing WordPress plugins? You can install those easily under the plugins in your WordPress amin dashboard and there is a search. 

The problem as I see it is that for GoDaddy to institute a search and install feature they would have to vet thousands of plugins and keep doing that for every revision and new plugin that came out? Inevitably there would be someone requesting a plugin that had not been tested yet. I never install a plugin to one of my customer's website without thoroughly looking at it. I don't know what standards Blue Host has but that seems like a dangerous feature to me? 

If you're on shared hosting GoDaddy is probably doing this to protect others from you? I'd say this is a good problem or at least one that is understandable? If this feature is key to your function I say go and use someone who offers if but it does seem problematic. Or maybe I'm missing the point? 

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