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Wordpress Hosting Plans Limitation - other hosting has a traffic limit

Godaddy Domain price compares to WordPress hosting is a large difference. I don't understand what are the reason to set monthly visiting limitation? Each plan has traffic limit, where other hosting provider such as Bluehost, HostGator Provide Unlimited Bandwith & Traffic. 


When I Purchase my First Domain ShareTrick form here, I was also looking for hosting service. Then after seeing the limitation with each plan, i decided to keep going with free blogger hosting. 


Godaddy was well known as cheapest domain provider. But I'm disappointed with its limited hosting plans. Hope they look into this matter and release updated plan soon.

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Getting Started


You might be mistaken about those plans on other companies, I've seen comparable plans of managed wordpress and they all included  much less monthly visits  on managed wordpress plans (Host gator, Siteground, Bluehost....) and they are also much more expensive, comparing to Godaddy's limits  and price. Also, in my experience, although of all the issues this godaddy's  hosting  has been having in last months, it's still very secure, I already had a blog at Blogger   with many visits and in one day, a hacker did put me out of the web.