Get started with a domain name.

Whether you’re an orthodontist, endodontist, or dentist, showcase your profession with a unique dental website.

As you get started, there are a few things you need to consider. To ensure your website is organized, clean and focused, you’ll want to take some time to figure out the purpose of your site. Are you hoping to promote your dental practice? Or are you trying to compare local dentists? Maybe you want to advertise dental software you’ve created. Whatever it is, take some time to think about the goal of your site.

Once you’ve narrowed your focus, you’ll need to pick a domain name. If you’re using your site to promote your practice, the name of your website should incorporate the name of your practice. Doing so enables patients to find it faster. For those looking to use their site for other reasons, consider doing a few Google searches to help you come up with a name that’s catchy and reflects your purpose. In addition to a traditional .com, feel free to explore newer domain extensions, like .dental or .dentist for your new website.

With your purpose figured out and a domain name picked out and registered, you’re ready to start building.

Find the right website builder.

After choosing a domain name, you’ll want to research the different website builders that are available to help create a dental website. Check out the different templates that are available to see which layout and design elements you prefer. Read reviews to find out if it’s easy to update and change content and photos with a particular website builder. You’ll also want to make sure that the website builder allows you to add features, such as appointment scheduling or patient bill pay, that you want on your website. If it doesn’t advertise or offer those features, then move on to one that does.

Blog about your success and the latest news.

Help potential patients and future clients see just how amazing your business or practice is. Add a blog to your website and feature stories about how a simple surgery transformed someone’s smile or how your hygienists eased the fears of someone who typically fears going to the dentist.

You can also use the blog to share events with your patients and clients on your website. Consider posting pictures of your company party or an introduction of your newest dental assistant. Whatever’s going on with your business or practice, your blog is the perfect place to keep patients up-to-date.

You can also include a gallery that showcases the before and after pictures of some of your most difficult treatments. Showing people how you treated a particularly challenging case of dental decay or whitened someone’s severely yellow teeth will help them realize what you can do.

And don’t forget about customer testimonials. Posting customer quotes that describe how pleased people are with your services are sure to increase your site’s credibility and help people feel more comfortable with you.