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What is spam call filtering?

Spam calls, or robocalls, are unwanted calls designed to sell you services or collect personal information for fraudulent purposes. With GoDaddy Conversations, your business phone number includes spam protection, so you can focus on calls that matter.

How spam call filtering works

  • When it's turned on, all your incoming calls are automatically screened to see if the caller matches a list of suspected spammers. This list is continually updated to protect you from as many unwanted calls as possible.
  • If the caller isn't on the suspected spammer list, we send the call to you and ring your phone like normal.
  • If the caller is on the suspected spammer list, the call is sent directly to your voicemail without ringing your phone. The suspected spam caller will appear in your Inbox with a SPAM label.

Could I still receive spam calls when the spam call filtering feature is enabled?

Yes. While the spam call filtering feature can identify almost all the incoming spam calls, a small percentage may still get through the filter.

How can I review what calls have been flagged as spam?

All calls flagged as suspected spam appear in your inbox with a SPAM label. Inside the thread there will be a Potential Spammer banner.
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What if I suspect legitimate calls are being flagged as spam?

In the unlikely event that a legitimate call is identified as spam, you can see it in your call history and access voicemail messages. If this keeps happenening, you may want to disable spam call filtering.

Can I flag a call as not spam?

No, not at this time. The list of suspected spammers changes all the time. New numbers are added and stale numbers are removed all the time so that you have the latest protection from current spammer trends.

Does the spam filter also work with text messages?

No, not at this time.

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