The best of the GoDaddy blog 2019

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Will Stevens

How was your 2019? Was it the year you followed your dream and started your own business? Or did you spend 12 months taking an existing company to new heights? Or perhaps 2019 was the year you started dreaming, and you're planning to launch a business in 2020.

Whatever position you find yourself in, this look back at the best articles on the GoDaddy blog from the last year is bound to feature some advice and tips that will help you achieve your goals in the year ahead.


The year started with a list of new year's resolutions for people going it alone in business, and they'll come in just as handy in 2020.

We also showcased InDesign alternatives for small businesses, a great read if you're looking to design on a budget.

And we also looked at how you can use Excel to track your KPIs, ideal if you want to keep track of your success.


Getting clients can be tricky if you're just starting out, so in February we looked at how to get clients using your business website.

We also invited you to show off your creative side by highlighting a selection of amazing WordPress photography themes.

And if you struggled to get everything done in 2019, we also took a look at how to be more productive.


In March we took a look at the thorny issue of developing start up ideas that actually work.

We also tackled a question that can leave many people stumped: What is website security?

Then we explained the advantages of online marketing for small businesses.


Search engine optimization is a great way of marketing your website, so we took a look at some SEO tips every small business owner can use.

Then we took a look at a selection of the best WordPress ecommerce themes, worth a look if you're setting up a new WordPress ecommerce site or want to refresh an existing one.

Finally in April, we tackled the question "what is digital marketing?" in an attempt to help you get to grips with the topic.


In May we took a look at the tools you need to create a paperless office.

We also talked about setting business goals that work - the perfect read if you're struggling to focus on what you want to achieve.

And then we looked at something every budding blogger needs - blogging tips to get more readers.


Into June and we took a look at a seemingly simple topic that can often trip people up - how to start an email. (It's especially useful if you're emailing people you don't know well on a regular basis.)

We also returned to the theme of productivity, this time by embracing technology and looking at the best apps for business productivity.

Then we took an Excel deep dive with 25 Excel shortcuts for faster, better spreadsheets.


Want a way to let potential customers know how good you are? Then check out our July article on asking for testimonials and reviews.

We also published a comprehensive guide to Instagram for small businesses, if you're keen to polish your social media skills.

Then there was a guide to keyword research tools that can help boost your SEO


August began with more SEO tips, this time the best SEO plugins for WordPress - they're a great way to make sure your WordPress site is as SEO friendly as possible.

We also took a look at how to make money with affiliate marketing (it's a great income stream for all you bloggers out there.)

Then we explored the subject of how to make money on Instagram - a great place to start if you want to be an influencer.


With September came the launch of GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, so we took a look at ten things you didn't know you could do with our Website Builder.

You can get started with the GoDaddy Website Builder here.

And we examined how much it costs to build a website in the UK - the perfect guide to ensure you don't pay over the odds.

Finally for September, we took a look at how you can get subscribers for a new YouTube channel.


October was online security month, so we started with a look at social engineering - the technique hackers use to trick people into doing what they want.

We also tackled the question "what is ransomware?" and looked at six email scams you should be aware of.


In November we took a look at ecommerce SEO - a must-read if you're selling online.

We also discussed how to promote your business during a slow period, something which many firms experience after a Christmas.

And we examined the easiest way to create your own small business website.


We rounded off the year by looking at which small business apps you should be using in 2020.

And we looked at why having a professional email address matters and how to get one.

Then finally for 2019 we offered 20 marketing tips for 2020 to make sure you start next year with a  bang.

Here's wishing you a prosperous new year.