Why wait 9 months? Get your .baby today.

Send out the birth announcements, because .baby is here and ready to grow up online. If your business or non-profit deals with babies for anything from check-ups to clothing, dot baby is an excellent way to get the word out. It lets visitors know what they’re in for when they come to your website: a domain where babies are cared for and loved.

.baby wasn’t just made for parents excited to show off their new young one. It’s for the people who help babies enter the world, and the businesses that support them throughout their early years. It’s about becoming a part of the larger baby community, and keeping things positive by focusing on healthy development and vitality. A healthy baby, after all, is a happy baby, and that’s what we all want.

A dot baby domain is great for:

  • Parents (of course)
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Hospitals
  • OBGYNs
  • Doulas
  • Midwives
  • Healthcare companies
  • Health-related businesses
  • Retail stores that sell baby-related items
  • Not-for-Profit or Charitable Organizations

.baby was made for the people and places that love children.

We all start our lives as babies. It’s what everyone in the world has in common. A .baby domain shows that your website also appreciates children from newborns to toddlers, in all their adorable shapes and sizes.

Use your dot baby domain to support new parents as they transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Register a .baby domain and create a site for your new book on motherhood, or to sell your handmade cribs. From formula to diapers and everything in between, if it has to do with babies, this is the domain to have. The possibilities are endless.

Your new bundle of joy is here.

Whether you’re a hospital that brings new lives into the world or a non-profit that helps infants, the .baby domain name is an excellent way to represent your organization. Raise your website right by starting it with a lovable domain that’s bound to grow and make you proud.

Register your .baby website today and use the domain that celebrates new life.

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