Claim your title. You've earned it.

You spent years in college followed by medical, dental, veterinary or pharmacy school. You've earned the title so why not get a .doctor domain name for your practice? Just put your name before the dot for a web address your patients will have no trouble remembering.

Physicians, dentists, vets and pharmacists aren't the only ones entitled to use the term. College professors and others with Ph.Ds or terminal research degrees are also called doctors. If you belong to this group, .doctor is a natural choice. Use yours for a website that:

  • Lists your credentials, research, publications and presentations. When anyone asks for your curriculum vitae, you can send them here.
  • Details the activities of your department, committee or association. This could be useful in applying for grant funding.
  • Brings together students and colleagues who share your research interests.

Is "Doctor" part of your business name? Register .doctor for your web address. It may even shorten it, since part of your business name will appear on the other side of the dot.

Or toot your own horn.

Maybe your super power is writing resumes. Or helping people get out of debt. Or maybe you know all there is to know about fly-fishing. Get a .doctor domain for a website where you offer tips, video tutorials and products related to your topic. Add your specialty before the dot to tell visitors what they can expect to find on your website.

Dot doctor is a good choice for websites that offer tips and advice on a variety of topics:

  • Dating & relationships
  • Home improvement
  • Fitness & weight loss
  • Fashion & beauty
  • Alternative medicine
  • Birthing & parenthood
  • Auto & motorcycle repair
  • Money management
  • Stocks & investing

Whether you're a medical doctor, a Ph.D. or a mechanic with a gift for fixing motors, .doctor is your domain.

NOTE: Registrants who present themselves as licensed medical practitioners must be ready to prove they hold the applicable licenses.

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