What is .es?

.es is the geographic domain extension for Spain. All domain names under the country code .es help users identify a website as being Spanish or having interests in or links to the Spanish territory.

A domain with its own personality

Having a .es domain gives you many advantages when you want to present your idea, your project or your company online. It is very important to find an authentic way to define yourself and to differentiate yourself from other websites. With a .es domain you will help search engines to better position your online presence in Spain thanks to a domain that matches the territory.

On the internet, everyone identifies .es with Spain and all things Spanish. Choosing a .es domain will help you position your site on the web and create your own territory, where your ideas and your business belong to a large Spanish speaking community that grows day by day.

Connectivity allows us to be global and local at the same time. There are almost 2 million .es domains already registered and around the world there are 400 million Spanish speakers.

The .es is an affordable domain, stable, easy to register and very reliable. You can also register other extensions and