Bring your tribe together on the web.

Family means different things to different people. For some, it means the nuclear family they were born into mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents. For others, it refers to the special people they’ve chosen – friends, teammates, co-workers, life partners and soul mates. Now both kinds can get custom web addresses that describe their clans perfectly.

Stay connected with your own .family email address and website.

These are busy times and it's easy to lose track of each other. Use your .family domain for an online hangout where your family gathers to share photos, videos and news, no matter how far apart the members may be. Just add your surname or group nickname to your .family domain for a web address they'll all remember. It's a fun, inviting way to keep in touch for:

  • Traditional families
  • Engaged couples
  • Close friends
  • Membership organizations
  • Family-owned firms
  • Alumni organizations
  • Spiritual communities

But .family domain names aren’t limited to biological relations or close friends. Genealogists, family therapists, social service agencies, faith communities and businesses that market goods and services to families can create .family web addresses that invite visitors to “Come on in.”

Put out the welcome mat.

People are social by nature. We gather around causes, teams -- even our favorite brands of cars or clothing. If you'd like to bring your group together on the web, there's no better place than .family. It works just as well for non-profits as it does for hospitals, banks and boutiques.

  • Businesses with a family of products
  • Credit unions
  • Sports booster clubs
  • Political causes
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Military support groups
  • Planned communities
  • Parenting blogs
  • Family counselors
  • Genealogy services

Make your loyalty program personal.

Successful businesses understand the importance of connecting with customers on an emotional level. Once they buy in to a brand emotionally, they're yours for life. Dot family is the place to build those relationships. It's the perfect web address for your loyalty program, whether you offer discounts or special perks to loyal customers. Or point it to a private Facebook page available only to your most valued clients. In either case, the .family address will make members feel like – well, family.
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