Dot Gay Tld Lp

Advocate, celebrate and connect with .gay.

.gay is the domain of choice for those who want to wave their virtual pride flag. It brings together national organizations, local community centers, healthcare systems, travel agencies, activists, businesses and others who are allied with LGBTQ communities. It's an inclusive badge of honor that'll set your site apart and clearly signals to LGBTQ audiences and their allies that everyone is welcome in your .gay world.

.gay gives more than a voice. It gives 20% of its new revenue.

Not only will .gay make your URL more fabulous, it does a bunch of good, too. The .gay registry dedicates 20% of its .gay new registration revenue to benefit LGBTQ nonprofits, including GLAAD and CenterLink. A .gay domain presents an exciting opportunity as the vast majority of the LGBTQ community are more likely to consider a product or service when they see content tailored to an LGBTQ audience. If you support the LGBTQ community, get a .gay domain and tell LGBTQ shoppers you're waving the flag right alongside them.
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