What are .gg domain names?

Officially the web address for the Bailiwick of Guernsey, .gg domain names are open for anyone to register. It’s an obvious fit for people who live or do business on this small island in the English Channel, but there’s another big reason to buy .gg — it’s a well-known acronym in the English language for “good game.”

That makes the .gg domain name a perfect pick if your main reason for being online is playing hard. Video gamers, especially, will instantly recognize those two letters from the chats they exchange with worthy foes. Even competitors in the analog world, like basketball or baseball players, will associate the .gg domain with post-game chatter.

How to use your .gg domain.

Without downplaying the super-cool history and culture of the Bailiwick of Guernsey (it was founded by a dude name William Longsword), let’s assume you aren’t one of 60,000 or so inhabitants of a tiny UK dependency measuring some 30 square miles. Let’s instead focus on other uses for this short and memorable website address.

It’s an easy choice to buy .gg if you’re getting started in the incredibly lucrative gaming industry. Your .gg domain name will be perfect for a site you might create to offer video game walkthroughs or reviews — or maybe even videos of you showing off your mad gaming skills.

Here’s who should register a .gg domain name.

The .gg domain name stands out from the hundreds of web addresses already out there because it’s catchy, easy to remember and new enough that the best ones are still available. That should appeal to nearly anyone looking to create a unique identity on the internet — and especially individuals or organizations like:

  • Video gamers — If you’ve gamed online, it’s likely you’ve reluctantly or gloatingly posted a “gg” in the chat. That makes a .gg domain instantly recognizable for button-mashers everywhere, and a natural fit for your gaming-related site.

  • Athletes — Anyone who played little-league sports as a kid can remember lining up after the game to shuffle past the other team, giving high-fives and a mumbled “good game.” If you’re getting online to offer your take on sporting events, or promote a team or event, dot gg is a home run.

  • Creatives — With the .gg domain hooked up to your creative brand, you’ve got tons of opportunities for wordplay or abbreviation. It’ll be nearly impossible for visitors to see your web address without getting curious enough for another look.

Don’t let the clock run out on your .gg domain.

As we’ve learned, telling someone “good game” can be sincere or sullen. If you’re looking to register .gg for yourself, don’t be like that noob who just got defeated or a despondent little-leaguer. Get out there today and grab your perfect .gg domain name — and let the games begin.