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A .guitars domain strikes a chord.

Amplify yourself on the web — get a .guitars domain. From sharing notes with fellow shredders, to selling your six- (and four-, and twelve-) stringed marvels, to discussing immortal players like Hendrix and Clapton, .guitars helps your site cut through the feedback and boost your online volume.

The .guitars domain is perfect for:

  • Guitar players, technicians, and restorers
  • Manufacturers and retailers
  • Music teachers and students
  • Enthusiasts, collectors, and associations
  • Live music venues
  • Guitar publications and blogs

What are some common uses for .guitars?

Showcase your shredding skills with www.YourBrand.guitars or www.YourName.guitars.

Display your guitar inventory or store with www.YourBusiness.guitars or www.YourStore.guitars.

Use keyword-rich www.YourType.guitars or www.YourBrand.guitars to match what online shoppers are looking for.

Connect with fellow guitar enthusiasts and share your ratings and reviews with www.YourPlatform.guitars or www.YourBlog.guitars.

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